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Tyre Changer

Product Details:

  • Flexible scope of application
  • Designed to mount and demount all conventional car tyres in the market, including
  • PAXICSR and other run-flat systems
  • Rugged design to withstand high forces, especially when handling wide and low profile tyres
  • Retrofit of easy mount pro (optional) to handle wide tyres and, when equipped with an accessory kit, to handle run-flat tyre systems such as PAX, CSR, RFT, eufori@, EMT and DSST. Careful handling of tyres and rims

Standard equipment includes:

  • Plastic caps for mounting tool and clamping jaws
  • Mounting head adjusted in space-apart position relative to the rim
  • Double-acting bead breaker cylinder
  • Over-sized bead breaker blade Extremely user-friendly
  • 4 pedals for convenient operation
  • Pneumatic tilt-back post
  • Anti-skid rubber beads Precision and speed
  • Exact pneumatic locking of post in working position
  • Self centering four-jaw chuck with outer clamping range up to 20"
  • Quick-inflating value

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: Monty-3300

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Tyre Changer

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