Wheel Aligner

Grow your business while helping customers ensure their own road safety with the advanced wheel aligners from Hofmann.
Wheel alignment has the purpose of adjusting all geometric angles of the tyres of a vehicle. Adjusting the alignment is very important so that a vehicle can proceed in a safe and stable manner.It avoids drifting to the right or to the left and favours a uniform tyre wear improving driving comfort and safety. Thanks to professional Hofmann wheel alignment systems, you can rapidly adjust all angles: toe-in (even at the maximum steering angle), caster and camber.Our systems boast high-resolution cameras as well as an updated database with preloaded models to easily find the correct alignment for each vehicle.They also detect tyres of different sizes, which would lead to issues while driving.You can see results in a 3D format and an intuitive user interface enables easy outcome readings. Hofmann professional wheel aligners have always been synonymous with precise real-time measurements, making sure your garage provides high-quality and precise services.

HOFMANN - Geoliner-630


  • No PC with Customized software
  • in Built22” flat screen 1080p monitor
  • HD camera with V.O.D.I.*
  • Fastest alignment ever
  • Vehicle dimension for pre-alignment diagnostic check

HOFMANN - Geoliner Pyramid


  • New kiosk post wheel alignment
  • HD Camera with Small XD Target
  • Ac100 Self centering wheel champ
  • Inbuilt 22” Flat screen
  • Integrated PC with New Pro42 Software

HOFMANN - I-geoliner Gold- 2


  • Computer controlled camera beam movement
  • Provide vehicle specific adjustment information with easy to understand 3D Graphics
  • XD cameras with XD targets
  • AC 400 tyre Clamps
  • Pro42 gold software
  • Advance measurement features
  • Deluxe Cabinet

HOFMANN - Geoliner Platinum 3


  • Automatic camera moving with digi-smart technology
  • Provide vehicle specific adjustment information with easy to understand 3D Graphics
  • XD Camera with VOID function
  • Ac400 clamp with XD target
  • Pro 42 Platinum software
  • Mobility options
  • Ride height measurement with TIP targets